Plastics In My Finished Compost

plastics in compost binI definitely learned my lesson about composting single use paper products…there’s plastic in them!  Ice cream cartons, single use paper cups, and leftovers from compostable bags… great!  What can be learned from this?  Why was I so naive and optimistic?

While I do believe the certified compostable bags do break down over time given the right conditions, I’m not going to wait around any longer.  I’m glad it showed signs of degrading, but this task is for the big windrow compost facilities…the problem is they don’t want it either!

Plastics break down into smaller pieces- pieces so small we can’t see them.  How can we keep this crap out of our precious soil?

It’s time to identify your sources one at a time and think of ways to eliminate them.  Most can be avoided by simply taking a container with you, or carrying a mug.  Easier said than done, but like anything else, it’s just a habit to learn.

While plastic contamination in compost seems inevitable, it’s up to us to keep our piles clean at home.

compost spreadAfter a good screening session, here’s what I was left with.  While I’m sure it’s not plastic free, I’m going to use it for horticultural purposes and vow to keep my piles clean from here on out.

Here’s to a plastic free 2016!

Plastics In Compost: Where Is It Coming From?

Plastic in compost has gotten so overbearing to the point that it seems inevitable.  However, there are tricks to minimizing the invasion.

We need to be more alert as to what paper products we may add to our compost piles.  Plastic liners are now often hidden in many single use paper products, such as ice cream cartons, coffee cups and take-out food containers.

Sustainability is all about choice.  Make the choice to reduce your single-use consumption, one item at a time.

Composting is an activity where you are in control- you make the recipe, you reap the benefits.

Choose wisely and your soil will prosper!

Composting Indoors In Teracotta Pots

Here’s an incredibly simple and effective system for composting indoors- I’ve seen the stacking pots system done once or twice in the past, but clearly not yielding good results.

In this case, however, all the concerns of my previous video were considered and the results are fabulous.

The pots have the capacity needed, the bottom of the top pot is designed like a vermicomposting fall-through system, and she has a curing pot as well.

Well done!  I hope this gains traction.  While the challenges mentioned in my indoor composting video are present, with a little practice and guidance, anyone can make this happen.

Is Indoor Composting a Good Idea?

After creating my video, I was shown a video of an indoor teracotta pot composting system in India that truly works…she’s a pro!

Check it out here:

While my video was referring specifically to a full sized compost bin or compost tumbler being set up indoors, which would be a mess… she’s circumvented that with the stacking kambha system.  I’m very tempted to re-create this system.

Give composting your best shot through the winter season- have some fun and get creative!

Thanks for watching!

A Brief Look at Different Vermicomposts

My vermicompost never looks as good as his does!

I tend to have stuff resembling the middle bin, but not even that fine.  I don’t tend to let mine cure…until now.

Now that we’re going into the winter (worm season), I’m going to really focus on coming up with some great stuff by the time spring comes around.

Bentley makes it look easy, doesn’t it?  If you ever have any questions on vermicomposting, be sure to check out .  This dude lives it!

Composting Made Simple.