Composting in a backyard bin at City Farmer

This video really makes me like my trash can composter!

The Earth Machines are cool, but where’s the ventilation on the sides?

I’m tempted to mock the thing by cutting out a door and adding a hinge at the bottom of my trash can, but why bother?

I’m really enjoying doing as little as possible to get the composting right.

Rat traps???

Something’s wrong here.  No need to worry about rats if you’re covering every single food scrap deposit with a fresh layer of brown materials.

Either way, I’m glad Vancouver is composting!

Compost Tea Field Trial Rained Out & Why We No Longer Plan to Use AACT

I’m honestly not surprised that he hasn’t found any substantially well-done research pointing to compost tea benefits.

While I admit I’ve never been hellbent on making or using compost tea, I can quickly understand why there’s so many variables involved to create effective tea.

Compost itself has sufficient beneficial microbes to give plants what they need.

It seems to me that it’s too easy to create compost tea that’s overpowering and can actually harm your plants.

At the same time, if you’re simply adding FINISHED compost to a bucket, adding water, stirring it and adding it to your plants, I don’t see the harm in that.

It appears to be a common mistake to use compost leachate as tea, which obviously is a complete risk since it’s not liquid resulting from actual compost but from material going through decomposition.

Best Source of Carbon for Composting in a City Without Trees & Leaves

I’m very lucky that although I live in an urban area, I have trees that drop tons of leaves right outside my door.

If you’re not this lucky, you may have to go out hunting for leaves…they work better than any other material for balancing out your food scraps in the compost pile.

Plan B involves paper and cardboard- be sure to avoid allowing tape to get in the mix or you’ll be picking it out later.

He mentions pine pellets- I’ve never tried these and I have no clue where a feed store is, but I’m going to look.  I’d suggest finding a wood shop instead and asking for their sawdust.

Piles that are sawdust intensive might not yield the best compost ever, but it will get the job done.

Good luck!

Kitchen Cone

I’d like to get one of these to try it out, but I don’t know why I’d take on the additional task of obtaining newsprint in order for the container to be structurally feasible.

I like the idea of not using a plastic or bioplastic bag, as I endorse this as well.  However, just don’t use a bag then!

I wash out my container after I empty it and have no issues.

Otherwise, I’m perfectly fine with either a Sure-Close or Yukchuk.

Composting Made Simple.