Cured Compost Bin Nearly Ready to Empty!

cured compost bin

It’s been about a year since I stopped adding to this compost bin and started a new one.

It’ll be interesting to see what all is in here besides finished compost.

I know I added plenty of paper products that most likely had a plastic liner sandwiched in between layers.

There’s also plenty of bags of leaf cleanup dumped in here, so there’s most likely some pieces of litter.

This doesn’t bother me.

The bottom line is I avoided the landfill with a massive portion of organic materials and now I will have some great compost, too.

Sawdust Dumpstering

sawdust dumpster

About once every six months, I make a trip out to the wood shop dumpster to get sawdust for my compost toilet system.

I checked with the shop in advance to see that they don’t use any treated wood and asked permission to stop by and fill up on sawdust.

Of course it benefits them since I’m lightening their waste load and I get free material to process my cat litter and compost toilet.

Videos coming soon…

Using our Insinkerator Food Waste Grinder as a “Compost Companion”, take 1

Here’s a mostly excellent video… the core idea is right on: Grind up your food waste to encourage rapid decomposition.

I’m a little lost on the pro- garbage disposal talk, though.

I’ve seen only a few write-ups on this, and they’ve all been from Insinkerator… conflict of interest, perhaps?

Convert organic materials into compost in your own yard, or flush them down the drain to combine with nasty chemicals, heavy metals, motor oil, medication, and everything else that washes into the sewers.

Even with an infrastructure set up to compost sewage sludge (which isn’t always the case- it’s often incinerated!), the end product contains a lot of crap.

Keep your organic materials at home.

Anyway, the dude explains how he puts all his organic materials in his compost bin, including cat litter.  I hope more people take his lead… the proliferating myths about the things you can’t compost (meat, dairy, oil, etc) are ridiculous.

I hope this dude covers his deposits each day… I didn’t see him throw in any brown materials on top of the food scrap blend.

To be clear, shredding food scraps is not required.  It speeds up the process a bit, and will heighten the temperatures of the compost pile- however, neither of these things are mandatory to get good compost.

That’s what’s so great about composting- just put the stuff in the pile and let it do what it does.  Pay attention to airflow, moisture, mixture and volume and you’re good to go!

Vancouver Organics Collection


I’ve never seen cans quite like these… pretty funny!

Based on their disposal at the time, they seemed pretty effective.

I love the food scraps can… it made me realize that labeling a compost receptacle in a public place as “food scraps” must be the best way.

When you see the word “Organics” or “Compost”, that means you have to know what that means in order to do as requested.

Isn’t compost poop?  Organic food?  I don’t have time for this; I’m just throwing everything over here.  We all know someone like this.

With “food scraps”, you simply know what that means.  Further, with so many disposable plastic-lined paper products ruining compost everywhere, this might help keep them out of the stream.

The trash can having a lid vs the other two sporting openings seems like a cool way to discourage trash, until someone has actual trash in their hand and they’re too grossed out to touch the lid.

All in all, this setup is awesome and it really nails it in terms of simplicity, color coding, differing cutouts, proper labeling and huge pictures.

What do you think?


Vancouver compost toter- clear as mud or info overload?

vancouver toter 1vancouver toter 2

I was in Vancouver recently and I had a blast… what an awesome place.

So far it’s a tie between them and Cape Town for the best designs and convenience for the disposer.

Therefore, I’m going to start with the “ugliest” toter I found, which happens to be info overload.

However- info is good… or is it?

For some this is a huge deterrent and results in “oh screw it, just throw it all in”, while for others it will result in laser-focused compliant disposal.

I’m definitely in the latter group, and this lid label really lays it out for me.

The usual questions come to mind- how old is this label?  Is this the current message from the company?  Plenty of paper products have plastic liners in them, and plenty of tea bags are now plastic too!

Contamination will never be zero unfortunately, but the effort on here is extensive.

One other thing- why no cotton balls?

Composting in a backyard bin at City Farmer

This video really makes me like my trash can composter!

The Earth Machines are cool, but where’s the ventilation on the sides?

I’m tempted to mock the thing by cutting out a door and adding a hinge at the bottom of my trash can, but why bother?

I’m really enjoying doing as little as possible to get the composting right.

Rat traps???

Something’s wrong here.  No need to worry about rats if you’re covering every single food scrap deposit with a fresh layer of brown materials.

Either way, I’m glad Vancouver is composting!

Composting Made Simple.