Does Adding Worms to Your Compost Bin Make a Difference?


A few months ago, I placed a few red wiggler worms in my outdoor trash can compost bin to see what they would do.

It ends up they multiplied and they’re eating through my food scraps nicely!

Composting worms make a great addition to compost bins smaller than 1 cubic yard-

Two issues with small-scale compost bins include that they don’t get as hot, and the contents don’t break down as fast- adding worms will greatly help with both.

How Gigantic Turned Aerated Piles Work

This is a good overview of how an outdoor composting system works.

I hope they can make videos explaining water treatment, biofilters and trommel screening in greater detail.

I’ve always wondered where washing of the equipment, such as trucks and equipment, comes into play.

I never see it mentioned, although odors have led to the downfall of plenty of composting programs…

Fruit Fly Summer

It’s the middle of summer with temperatures rising up to 100F, and it seems that no matter how experienced the composter, at some point bugs will make their way into the house.

In the kitchen and the basement next to the worm composting system, I have fruit fly traps set up that do the trick…for 95% of fruit flies.

However, there’s those stubborn few that seem to knowingly avoid going in the jar and will reproduce at light speed just to annoy me.

How do I take care of this?

In the kitchen, I simply take out my food scraps more often.  This takes away all the fun from the bugs.

I also scrubbed the floor and walls, which believe it or not helped immediately!  Clearly I don’t do it enough.

There were definitely some splash marks on the wall behind the shelf where I use a janky food processor to make hummus and a juicer to make my daily juice.

As for the worm system in the basement- I let them do their thing until I want to add food scraps to the system.  As ridiculous as it sounds, I like to use a small vacuum to suck them up.  It takes a few minutes, but once you clear the way it makes it easy to do your thing.

The chances of getting all of them is hit or miss, but over time you’ll win with this method.  Any bugs that get out of the system seem to always make their way into the fruit fly trap.

I have to ask- do you have any other tricks for getting rid of fruit flies?  I’d love to hear what works and doesn’t work for you.

Stay cool!


10 Products & Practices I’ve Abandoned & Why

Dude’s always delivering great videos, and this is no exception!

In this video he emphasizes several key composting points that I fully agree with:

1) Tilling – 0:30
2) Growing in Rows – 1:52
3) Synthetic Fertilizer – 2:35
4) Store Bought Compost – 3:30
5) Store Bought Organic Fertilizer – 4:17
6) Rock Dust – 5:04
7) Biochar – 6:10
8) Comfrey Tea – 7:27
9) Compost Tea – 8:22
10) Turning Compost Frequently – 9:15

Summer Worm Composting: So Far, So Good

I’ve been enjoying the Worm Inn Mega this summer with no issues, and it’s simply due to having ample cover material.

The Worm Inn Mega is big enough for there to be plenty of cover material to begin with…you can really load it up to prevent flying pests and also keep the worms busy.

I actually have a hard time filling it up because the worms are just mowing through the material- Capacity really makes the whole process a lot easier.

I just realized that you might not have heard about this system…

Have you seen the Worm Inn Mega yet?  Check out my dorky review below for more information… this is my top recommendation for those of you out there looking to compost at home but lack the outdoor space.

Vermicomposting made simple.

Click here to learn more about the Worm Inn Mega system.


Composting Made Simple.