Use a Trash Can on the Balcony Instead of a Bucket.

Some of my most popular videos are balcony composting videos…I made them a long time ago using really small buckets.

While this method does work, you’ll get better results with a bigger bin.

Every time I respond to a comment on those videos, I always mention using a trash can.

While both a cat litter bucket and a trash can are considered “cold” composting, I’ve found that the more volume, the better.  It allows for more material, it’ll insulate itself a bit better, and you need volume in order to get the process really going.

Watch the video above and apply that design to your balcony/confined space if at all possible- your results will be much, much better!

Coffee cups: Starbucks and Tim Hortons Recycling Ends Up in Garbage

Recycling can be frustrating.

Coffee cups have plastic liners in them, making them not recyclable.

Further, when raw materials are cheaper, recycling isn’t the preferred option.  The key with the coffee issue is simply to never get a coffee cup- don’t expect your cup to get recycled- empty or not, in a special bin or not.

Another factor- employees may not be trained on what goes where.  Or it could be the opposite- they’re specifically trained that the coffee cups get trashed.

Why would this be?  They’re considered a contaminant by the waste hauler, and there’s often fees associated with contaminating recycling loads.

Coffee shops need to further incentivize bringing your own mug… only way I can think of is to increase the discount off your coffee to the point that it’s simply insane not to bring your own mug.  Can’t take away from precious gigantic corporate profits.  Can’t have that, now can we… christ.

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