Worm Inn review coming soon…

I started realizing how much I miss composting outside as we’ve had a lot of frigid, crappy weather over the last week or two.  The worms have really become friends of mine… I like to put my ear right up to the surface and listen to them wriggle around and munch.

I also noticed that being a household of one, I still feel like I can overwhelm my worm bin at times…so what should I do?  Order a Worm Inn and another pound of red wigglers, that’s what.  I heard about the Worm Inn from Bentley Christie of course, and I was instantly curious:

Check out Bentley’s Worm Inn overfeeding video series starting here… I was sold!  Yes, he’s being deliberately obnoxious with the amount of material he’s putting in, but nonetheless they gobble through it with no issues.

Worm Inn Vermicomposting System

There’s plenty of advantages to using the Worm Inn that I’ve observed…I’m not a worm bin hater by any means, but it’s pretty obvious that they don’t get the proper aeration that a cordura sack does.  What’s cool about these, is that they also retain moisture and let worm castings drop out of the bottom…in a worm bin, you’re digging around and the results are a bit soggy.

Again, bins are great too…I just built a few as gifts for people to try out.  However, I need to step my game up as I’d like to use the castings and also be able to process more material.

I will definitely have a (nerdy) product review of the Inn to share with you as soon as I get it (CLICK HERE for review).  Other videos in the pipeline include observing how the worms felt about eating condoms, creating a compost sieve, adding dog food to your compost, and a series of digging through other people’s trash looking for compostable opportunities.

Until next time, keep it dirty!  And stay warm.

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