Charlotte Airport to Open Recycling Center with Composting System

Charlotte Airport to Open Recycling Center With Composting System

I love this dude! I’m lousy at any form of gardening/cooking and watching his videos gives good tips and perspective.

I’m glad he made a video just for this announcement…it’s a good one that we shall see more of in the future, I’m sure.

Think about ideal candidates for sorting waste…airports should be up there on your list. It’s already so restrictive as it is, that with some adjusting to the food establishments you could easily control your waste stream even more to prevent any contamination.

It appears that they’re looking at a 5 year ROI which isn’t bad at all, and it’s one heck of a message to the others out there. They don’t seem to mention anything about separating the other waste streams, but that must be part of the package, too. An onsite Material Recovery Facility (MRF) has shown great success, particularly in Florida where it’s been catching on a bit.

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