Will This Compostable Bag Disappear in a Year?

compostable bag in compost pileI ran out of recycling bags yesterday at home, but I found two 2+ year old compostable bags that I was hoping I could use instead.  As soon as I started opening one, it ripped in half!

I guess that’s to be expected… compostable bags don’t have the shelf life that standard plastic does.

Anyway, I didn’t have much use for them now so I decided to throw one in my compost bin.

Next weekend, I will be halting my additions to the compost pile for one year, while I start bin number 2.  For those of you not aware, I have been following the Joe Jenkins method of humanure composting over the last year.

Since I started this composting method, my piles have gotten much hotter than ever before.  140 to 150 degrees is no problem to achieve; and sustaining this temperature range just might be the ticket to breaking down compostable plastic.

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