The #1 Composting System: A Compost Bin.

The #1 Composting System: A Compost Bin.

Of all the composting methods out there, using a compost bin is definitely the best way to go for quite a few important reasons:

Capacity- Compost bins are always at least 3′ x 3′ x 3′ in size.  Compost tumblers and worm systems often leave you running out of space for more materials, which requires some strategy.  Bins essentially eliminate this problem.

Versatility- With the right material mixture, the contents will continuously cook at high temperatures and shrink, allowing for more space.  Meat, dairy, and seafood are no concern to a compost bin, either.

Low maintenance- Each Saturday, I walk out back with my container of scraps, make an indent in the top center of the pile, dump, and cover it back up.  Add some fresh brown materials and you’re done for the week.

Cheap- Compost tumblers and worm systems are super cool (I have both as well), but they cost a bit more.  I can tie together some wood pallets or grab some wire mesh and have a perfectly good compost bin.

For more information about my favorite compost bin that I personally use, like, and trust, check the Geobin Compost Bin page.

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