Composting Indoors In Teracotta Pots

Here’s an incredibly simple and effective system for composting indoors- I’ve seen the stacking pots system done once or twice in the past, but clearly not yielding good results.

In this case, however, all the concerns of my previous video were considered and the results are fabulous.

The pots have the capacity needed, the bottom of the top pot is designed like a vermicomposting fall-through system, and she has a curing pot as well.

Well done!  I hope this gains traction.  While the challenges mentioned in my indoor composting video are present, with a little practice and guidance, anyone can make this happen.

3 thoughts on “Composting Indoors In Teracotta Pots”

  1. Great post, Tyler! Thanks! And thanks to the person in Mumbai who is doing this type of composting in such a tight space. Wow! Now I really have absolutely NO excuses for not composting due to space issues! Thanks again for all you’re doing to bring awareness to all of us about the importance of recycling our food waste, even in very, very small spaces!

  2. New to your channel and new to composting. What are your thoughts about composting with stacking terracotta pots, kambha? I saw some videos about these and curious if you have an opinion.

    1. The Mumbai Balcony Gardener has the best videos on composting in this manner.

      I compost with worms indoors, and outdoors I use compost bins, trash cans, tumblers, and buckets on the balcony to compare the results.

      I haven’t tried the terracotta pots method, but she’s clearly shown that it can be done. I tend to promote that people try outdoor methods first, or use worms indoors, as I feel like there’s a lesser chance of attracting pests and turning off a newbie fairly quickly. I could be wrong, though… there’s plenty of ways to get started. Check out my videos and FAQ sections on my page to learn more, and email me if you have any other questions. Thanks for reading/watching! -tyler

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