Killer Compost Bin Sighting!

compost bin sightingCheck out this killer compost bin!

I saw this in Berlin and had to take a photo.  It has an easy to open top, and a little door at the bottom to remove finished compost.

It reminds me of one of these killer compost bins…

It ticks all the boxes- plenty of capacity to handle all of your food waste and create hot compost… air vents that allow the pile to break down efficiently… it looks sturdy too!

Here’s one I found that strongly resembles it on Amazon and has some rave reviews: Redmon Compost Bin

What do you think?  Bins like this definitely make composting take the least amount of effort while creating quality compost.

One thought on “Killer Compost Bin Sighting!”

  1. I have the redmon bin. I haven’t used it for too long but it seems sturdy, was easy to assemble and works so far. I just wish the pegs at the bottom were longer to stick in the ground more. I don’t have much in the bin yet, but if a strong gale comes, it might blow away. We’ve been having strong winds lately, so I put a brick on top.

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