“Worms At Work” Play Pavilion


A few months ago, Lauran Drown got in touch and asked for some vermicomposting tips… and then she comes back with this:

Worms At Work 2

Worms At Work

Wow!  This is insane!  What an excellent way to show how worms work to naturally provide a necessary soil amendment.

These are the things that help inspire and create curiosity… if you’re in the San Antonio area, go check it out!

Learn more about what Lauran is up to at http://www.bucrane.com .

One thought on ““Worms At Work” Play Pavilion”

  1. Tyler, thanks for this post! The exhibit, which has been very popular indeed, is soon coming to a close at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. But we are very happy to announce that our structure has been adopted Alamo College’s Eco Centro where it will live on as part their community gardening and composting endeavors, yay!

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