2 thoughts on “Permaculture – Trench Composting”

  1. I stopped watching at 6 minutes, when we’re told to place the large bin in the freezer. Maybe it’s just us, but our freezer doesn’t have room a container of ice cream, much less that large bin.

    We’re told we can put meat and dairy products in the bin, which goes against everything I know about composting, but I confess to never having tried this trench method. And the compost we saw in the first minute sure looks good.

    But the freezer … that’s a deal breaker.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes, I disagree with the freezer component too… the good news is that it’s not required to compost.

      Yes, you can absolutely put meat and dairy products in… all organic materials will compost. The reason you’ll often hear to keep that stuff out is simply because this is often the reason people fail with composting.

      Luckily, it’s easy to avoid- for every amount of food scraps you add, add 2-3 times as much brown materials. As long as you adhere to this simple rule, you’ll have no problems with adding those materials.

      Thanks for writing!


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