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How to Make Compost From Your Poo with a Composting Toilet! – Closing the Loop

It’s always exciting to see a new compost toilet video online… I’m not alone!

It really is simple- just read Humanure Handbook by Joe Jenkins a few times and get to it.  It’s a great read and he knows what he’s doing…he backs the whole book with a ton of cited research.

The only area I differ from their process is that I also add my cat’s waste to the system, too.

Jenkins doesn’t make a strong claim in his book about composting pet waste- I’m willing to take the risk.  I use swheat scoop cat litter and just add it to my compost toilet buckets along with my own deposits.

I let the pile sit for 18 months (instead of 12) and use the finished compost for solely horticultural purposes.

All good.

Sawdust Dumpstering

sawdust dumpster

About once every six months, I make a trip out to the wood shop dumpster to get sawdust for my compost toilet system.

I checked with the shop in advance to see that they don’t use any treated wood and asked permission to stop by and fill up on sawdust.

Of course it benefits them since I’m lightening their waste load and I get free material to process my cat litter and compost toilet.

Videos coming soon…

Live Free or Die DIY: How to Build a Composting Toilet

Live Free or Die DIY: How to Build a Composting Toilet

Not a bad start, but some questions are definitely coming up for me.

Is this also his pile for food scraps?  Is he dampening the other materials?  How long does he add material to this hole?

I guess if you have enough space you can just keep digging holes and burying, but with one big compost heap, he can keep it simple and get better results.


Will This Compostable Bag Disappear in a Year?

compostable bag in compost pileI ran out of recycling bags yesterday at home, but I found two 2+ year old compostable bags that I was hoping I could use instead.  As soon as I started opening one, it ripped in half!

I guess that’s to be expected… compostable bags don’t have the shelf life that standard plastic does.

Anyway, I didn’t have much use for them now so I decided to throw one in my compost bin.

Next weekend, I will be halting my additions to the compost pile for one year, while I start bin number 2.  For those of you not aware, I have been following the Joe Jenkins method of humanure composting over the last year.

Since I started this composting method, my piles have gotten much hotter than ever before.  140 to 150 degrees is no problem to achieve; and sustaining this temperature range just might be the ticket to breaking down compostable plastic.