Geobin Compost Bin

geobin compost bin

Are you looking for the ultimate composting tool that’s insanely affordable and incredibly simple to use?

Enter the Geobin compost bin.

I’ve been composting for over ten years and have tried everything from bins and tumblers to buckets and worms, from balconies and backyards to the basement and back- This is by far my favorite composter available.

If you’re looking to get started composting with the least amount of effort while getting quality compost in return, the Geobin is the one for you.

I’ve cut my waste in half by composting, and the Geobin allows me to do it with ease in under ten minutes a week.

The Geobin is adjustable up to 4′ in diameter and 3′ high, which is enough capacity to ensure the effective and efficient hot composting that you’re looking for.

I will take a compost bin over any compost tumbler due to its high capacity, low cost, and ease of use.  Personally, I love tools that save me time, and this one does it.

If making a compost bin out of pallets or chicken wire isn’t for you, this is the next step up in terms of aesthetics, cost and top functionality.

Cut your waste sent to the landfill in half while creating a highly useful soil enhancer with the Geobin compost bin.

BONUS: With your purchase of the Geobin compost bin, I will throw in a free copy of my new e-book, “Tyler’s Dirty Little Composting Secrets“!  In this book, you’ll learn all my top tricks to make composting a snap in no time.

The book is focused on achieving results using a compost bin, and I personally use two Geobins… in other words, the book and the Geobin go hand in hand!

Want to create fertile soil while becoming a more environmentally responsible citizen?  This is your ticket.

Geobin Compost Bin
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Price: $31.99

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