Managing Waste Easier With A Compost Tumbler (article)

A compost tumbler is certainly a welcome innovation for people who want to help the environment though composting. Among the many ways of managing waste to help reduce garbage output is composting. But some find the process tedious, making it harder for them to contribute to a greener earth. With the invention of compost tumblers, though, making compost becomes less of a hassle and a mess.

Compost tumblers work by containing your compost and making it easier to mix your waste into the compost pile, eliminating the labor of having to turn it yourself with the use of a spade, shovel or pitchfork. Turning your waste in the pile helps it become compost faster. The designs of compost tumblers are also pleasant to the eye as compared to ordinary, open compost bins.

There are many kinds of tumblers available on the market, the simplest one being shaped like a drum which you can spin around by hand or by using a crank. There are also models which you can roll around on the ground, too. But there are electric tumblers available. Some of these even have features that make them convenient to keep inside of the house. You could also have them installed into a kitchen cabinet as well, as long as an electric supply could be provided for it.

Although a compost tumbler isn’t more effective than a well-maintained compost pile, it does provide several benefits to its users aside from making compost easier to turn and keeping the waste neatly hidden inside of it. It usually eliminates the problem of foul odor and attracts fewer animals and pests as well, making it ideal for composting in the home, or for urban areas.

Years ago, I worked in the Safety department at a hospital and my initial focus was ergonomics.  When it comes to a huge barrel filled with wet slop, using a tumbler is clearly ideal compared to having to turn a pile over yourself by hand.  I think tumblers are pretty sweet, but if you live in a city or like to move around a lot, they’re not the most fun thing to lug around.

I had no idea there was an electric compost tumbler out there on the market.  It’s certainly worth the end result, but I urge you to turn it yourself if at all possible.  Hmm…I wonder how many people hurt their backs each year due to turning compost.

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