Norpro 1 gallon compost keeper review

Norpro Compost Keeper Review

Not really into this thing…what it has going for it is that it looks good on the kitchen counter, and it’s a breeze to clean as it’s made of stainless steel with a satin finish. It’s way larger than I thought it would be…definitely holds enough food scraps for a week before making the trip outside to the composter.

It has a charcoal filter in the lid for “odor control”, but I’m not feeling it.  This is a recurring expense when you can simply use a tupperware container or better yet a Sure-Close container.

The charcoal filter doesn’t really let air through it, so the objective of letting the contents dry out and reduce their weight is more or less useless.

The holes on the container are way too big, and allow for fruit flies to easily enter.  Within a few days, I found that they would lay eggs right in the charcoal filter.

Also keep in mind that the point of the container is simply to hold your food scraps before taking them to the compost bin…there’s no need to make it incompetently complex like this thing does.

I know I was polite about reviewing this thing initially, but looking back in hindsight, there’s absolutely no reason to purchase this product when you can use either a better kitchen scrap collector or just use a large jar or tupperware container for a fraction of the cost and better results. 🙂

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  1. I am excited to have found your website. I grew up composting so I am somewhat familiar with everything. However, it is all very new to my husband and he is becoming more of the gardener in our house – that includes composting and then using it in the garden. We bought the Norpro Compost Keeper that you reviewed, but we can’t figure out how to change the filter. HELP! Thanks!

    1. Yeah, the filter on this thing is a bit funny.

      It’s two parts. just pinch the first part, which should be a circular bit, and pull it out.

      There’s also a square piece in there, too.

      Just to be sure- are you composting using another method, such as a hole in the yard or a compost pile?

      Just relying on the kitchen piece most likely won’t suit your needs. It definitely can attract all kinds of pests if it isn’t emptied often enough. I make sure to empty it each week at the very latest.

      All the scraps from here go outside to be composted further.

      1. Thank you!

        Yes, we do have a compost pile outside. I don’t remember the exact “name” of the contraption we have, but it’s a black dome with a lid on top. Then there’s a little trap like door on the bottom to access the bottom of the pile. We empty our counter container every couple days.

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