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A Brief Look at Different Vermicomposts

My vermicompost never looks as good as his does!

I tend to have stuff resembling the middle bin, but not even that fine.  I don’t tend to let mine cure…until now.

Now that we’re going into the winter (worm season), I’m going to really focus on coming up with some great stuff by the time spring comes around.

Bentley makes it look easy, doesn’t it?  If you ever have any questions on vermicomposting, be sure to check out redwormcomposting.com .  This dude lives it!

Worm Inn Mega tour (video)

Worm Inn Mega – Tour

Definitely digging this MASSIVE Worm Inn.

My main question is regarding how to empty it… since it’s so huge when you open the drawstrings I can imagine material just flies out of that thing.  I wonder how heavy it is…definitely over 100 pounds when full, if not closer to 150 lbs!

If I had one of these, I’d pretty much have to stop my other compost projects since I don’t have a whole lot of material, but man it’s tempting to get one anyway!

My current Worm Inn is just enough capacity, but there have been times where I wish it was bigger.

Without a Winter Worm Worry

I live in a super old and drafty house, and in the wintertime I always wonder if my worms will survive.  The worms reside in the colder half of my basement, but apparently it’s no problem for them: I was reading my Worm Briefs email subscription and there were testimonials of people that had worms surviving in both sub zero and above 100F temperatures!  Check this out:

“I’ve had redworms survive Winnipeg winters for 2 years in a
row.  Frost gets down past 6″ as I recall (could be wrong)
and we do get rather severe winter temperatures. This year we
have a thick blanket of snow but last year the sledders were
complaining quite a bit.  Not sure of temperatures under the
snow but this evening we’re at -32 C (- 25.6 F) heading for
-34 C (-29.2 F).  On top of that they’re giving us a wind chill
of -43 C (-45.4 F).  I was very surprised to find my worms in
the lasagna bed last spring.”
~ Paul

I complain about temperatures in the teens, I have nothing to complain about!  And on the other side of things:

“Just a quick comment re: temperatures that red worms can survive
in. I live in Adelaide, Australia and have my worm farm set
up in a large wooden crate with plenty of ventilation holes
and a moist towel over the top with a wooden lid over that.

We have recently had a couple of days where the temp has reached
45 C (113 F) and the worms appear to be ok and a couple of
years ago we had a heat wave when the daytime temp did not go
below 40 C (104 F) for 2 weeks and they still survived so as
you say they are pretty resilient.”
~ Mark

Wow!  Chances are pretty good my worms will make it through the winter just fine…