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How To Make A Compost Tumbler (Fast, Cheap and Easy)

I’m glad it has holes drilled… that’s the downfall of most tumblers.

If you’re looking to do this with less labor, just take the barrel and sit it straight up- cover it with 3/16″ holes.  Forget the tumbling aspect, just start it with 12″ of shredded browns, then with each deposit of food scraps, add double the amount in brown materials.

By the time that fills, you’ll have compost on the bottom.

The easiest option is to have a second one to start filling while the first one finishes… doing this, you’ll have a great back-and-forth system to work with.

Homemade Urban Compost Tumbler (video)

Homemade Urban Compost Tumbler

Holy crap, this dude made an amazing compost tumbler…for about $15!  For those of you out there cramped for space and good with building stuff, please follow this video!

This video is really inspiring and I plan to build one of these to put on my balcony for fun…nice work Matt!