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Compost Heat Recovery System kickstarter proposal?

Compost Heat Recovery – Kickstarter Campaign Video

Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/highfields/compost-heat-recovery-system

Tom Gilbert knows what’s up… I like the dramatic piano music as the backdrop for his explanations of how us humans have messed up the most basic life systems on Earth.  Fossil fuels, fertilizer, landfills…we know this is stuff is a bummer and there are viable alternatives for these.

I see that he met his financial backing goals… and you need to donate in order to get the updates on the project.  While I understand protecting his idea and design, it’s funny that we can’t see it until it’s freely downloadable for any and all people to utilize.  I’m excited to see what he came up with, and I hope it works out!

Any fight up against Monsanto/Cargill is one worth fighting for.  Although I’m not sure that composting technology is a direct fight against them as much as it’s against a number of industries such as waste haulers (and especially the crooks promoting waste to energy technology and calling it renewable energy which it isn’t).

I think now is a great time for a Food Inc. plug.  Check it out if you haven’t…it’s on Netflix.  I also found a stream of it here.