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Firm Pulls the Plug on Compost Dump (news article)


VILLAGERS are celebrating after the firm planning to build a compost dump near Awsworth withdrew its planning application.

But a plan for a smaller plant from the same developer near the sewage works off Halls Lane, Newthorpe, is still ‘live’ according to Nottinghamshire County Council.

The proposed Westby Lane plant would have seen 12 32-tonne lorries travel back and forth through Awsworth each week, leading to grave concerns from residents that the roads in the village could not handle it.

The local residents’ and tenants’ association mobilised a campaign against the plan with dozens joining protests near the proposed site in Babbington after Alfreton-based HW Martin’s plans were revealed in May.

Many of the campaigners were concerned about health risks from airborne pollutants and Awsworth parish councillor Kurt Whitten said he was ‘over-the-moon’ at the news that the plan had been aborted.

“It’s absolutely brilliant news,” he said.

“I am not against things like that in principle but where they were planning to put this one was totally the wrong place. It was ridiculous.

“I think everybody in Awsworth will be pleased with this.”

A Nottinghamshire County Council spokesman confirmed that the highways department had objected to the plan because of the difficulty of access along country lanes.

This led to the firm withdrawing its application.

County councillor for the area Ken Rigby said he has been fighting for a 7.5-tonne limit through Awsworth to force lorry drivers to use the bypass built nearly a decade ago.

He said that drivers’ satnavs were sending them through the village.

“I’m very, very pleased,” he said. “I was concerned about the health grounds and about the lorry movements through Awsworth.

“I am working very hard to try to get a limit in place.”

The county council spokesman confirmed that HW Martin’s application for a composting plant in Newthorpe is still in the system and would be considered at a later date.

The A610 near Newthorpe means the trucks will only have to pass over a small section of bridleway to access that site but residents nearby are still concerned about the plan – particularly because the proposed site sits next to a sports ground where various local teams play.

[It’s nice to see some active participation to ensure that a composting facility is placed in a better location than proposed…I’d suggest they do something about using the phrase “compost dump”, though! -tyler]

How Does Commercial Composting Work? (video)


Have you ever wondered how a commercial composting facility works?  Technology has advanced over the years, and now it’s way beyond a pile of dirt sitting there being tended to by a farmer.  Click on the link below to take an interactive tour of one of the freshest composting facilities in the United States using Goretex technology:


…so does this place compost or not?

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So I’m staying at a hotel in New Jersey this week, and like usual I’m wondering if the place composts their food waste.  I was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philly and a great man by the name of Marvin Dixon was running a full-on compost program.  I was so excited I had to learn more, and was ecstatic to learn that he was using finished compost for their rooftop basil gardens…truly an awesome effort.

Public perception in the “green arena” can do a lot for a company’s image.  This hotel put forth a pretty weak effort all around to show any sustainability effort, which in this day and age is pretty disappointing.  I really believe that eventually it’s going to be a determining factor for whether or not business is conducted: how sustainable is your hotel?

Hey Ocean Place, be more OBVIOUS about composting your food and be proud of yourselves…same goes with your lackluster recycling efforts.  Your patrons will love you for it and be more likely to revisit and soak up more of the awesome ocean view you have going.

Yes, fellow UIBC people, the hotel really does compost!  I went around back and took a look at their waste collection layout and they had a full-on toter system for compost.  There was also a recycling compactor, but I think this was to service all those containers along the beach walkway.  I’m impressed a tad, aren’t you?

Ugh, I have a headache.  At least the beds are cozy.  Then again I’m used to sleeping on a leaky air mattress.