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Quick Compost for West Africa (video)

quick compost for west africa

I now have a new item on my list for things to do before I die.  Creating a compost pile in West Africa is obviously not the same as making one here in west Philadelphia.  The mix of materials, the group effort, and especially the dancing during the compaction step makes this video so great to watch…this puts all my efforts to shame!

It’s great to observe the differences here… they aren’t adding shredded cardboard and paper to their pile.  Instead, they have large windrows filled with chicken and cow manure, sorghum chat, millet, etc.  Further, their soil is really acidic, so they add cook fire ash to help neutralize the process.  I have no doubt that they create beautiful compost, and I hope to one day participate in a massive compost pile construction like this!

The BEST Compost Recipe (video)

The BEST compost recipe – How to compost

I can’t believe I never heard of this guy before. If you live somewhere that has kudzu and manure nearby, I suggest paying close attention to this dude. He has good insights on his material selection, like why you should use cow manure instead of horse manure (although either works), or when to use straw.

One day I’ll have enough material to create a massive pile like this guy does…the temperatures you can reach with huge piles is pretty impressive. Dude’s not messing around!