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How to Cut Your Trash in Half by Skipping One TV Episode Per Week


Do you want to start composting right away, but you have an endless number of questions and you’re not sure where to start?

Or maybe you’re tired of looking at a stagnant, slimy compost pile, baffled as to why it isn’t breaking down after six months…or even longer?

There were so many tricks I wish I knew when I first started composting.  My new guide will get you on the fast track to quality compost in less than ten minutes a week– seriously!

In this new e-book, you will discover:

-The 5 make-or-break factors to having an efficient compost pile
-How to cut your trash in half in less than ten minutes a week
-How to eliminate pests and odors with one simple trick
-Identify how and when your compost is finished
-How to get started using only 3 square feet of space
-How to create a powerful soil enhancer for your garden

For less than half the cost of a pitchfork, I will transform you into
a composting expert.

Don’t get me wrong, everything takes a little practice to get good at,
but composting is one of those skills where focusing on just the
key factors makes all the difference.

If for ANY reason you’re unsatisfied with my book, I will gladly refund your money at any time- no questions asked!

You really have nothing to lose– I will steer you clear of all the myths out there and show you how satisfying and necessary composting is.

Take the guesswork out of composting by clicking below to get started today:

Tyler's Dirty Little Composting Secrets
Tyler's Dirty Little Composting Secrets
Price: $7.00

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If you have any questions, get in touch by clicking here.

Thank you!


When is Your Compost Ready to Use? (video)

When is Your Compost Ready to Use?

When is your compost ready to use? Some questions to ask yourself include:

How does it look?
Can you recognize any of the material?
How does it smell?
Is the material warm?

Here I have a few different samples of compost…vermicompost, tumbler compost, commercial compost, and trench compost.

What do you think of these samples?  I feel like my tumbler compost and vermicastings could both go even longer before using them, but that they’re still OK if I were to use them now.  In fact, I’m going to use these samples for my next “Clash of The Composts!” experiment coming soon… stay tuned!

What Are These Bugs in My Kitchen Compost Bin? (video)

What Are These Bugs in My Kitchen Compost Bin?

Kitchen compost crocks aren’t my favorite tool when it comes to composting, but they are fun to ignore. For the last several months, I decided to fill it up and not empty it since it’s colder out (less bugs) and it won’t smell as bad.

I opened it up today, and it was nothing but sludge in the bottom and gobs of compost mites around the lid.

These are a common inhabitant of worm bins, but they don’t really pose a threat to your system. In fact, they’re a bit of a help since they indicate that your compost is unbalanced. Most likely your compost is too moist, and that’s what these critters like being around.

The solution? Add a bunch of dry browns to balance it out. The compost will smell less (better), and there might be less of those compost mites…but really, who cares? They’re part of decomposition.

Somewhat of a Composting Manifesto…

As my time winds down in the Bay Area, I start to think about what I’m returning home to.

A city that aspires to be the east coast version of San Francisco, and in a few ways is.  Although not nearly as awesome and still has a lot of work to do.

Anyway, if you haven’t googled me out yet, I will say that I work for a super-reputable hospital, one that is in the process of implementing composting.  Obviously, this is my main goal at the moment, and we will succeed.

We’re going to be the first hospital in Philadelphia composting on a ginormous scale, starting with the food prep area and cafeteria, and expanding into restrooms and who knows what else.  My extreme views will have every office space building a worm bin and having ambassadors so that the material is properly handled.

Do any of you out there realize that the healthcare industry totally sucks when it comes to waste generation?  And it’s my lifetime goal to change that, since working at a top hospital and getting them to do the right thing is the way for all hospitals to do the right thing.  If any of my readers are in healthcare, contact me to get yourselves a free consultation and on the right track to reducing waste, saving a ton of money and having fun in the process.

Anyway, composting is possible across the world, no matter how big an institution is, and no matter what lousy excuse you give me.

Make a personal pledge to yourself to make waste reduction a primary focus, and then make it second nature.  I dare you to not find it contagious.  I dare you to dislike it and tell me it’s irrelevant and not a pressing issue.

Take these newfound behavioral changes and implement them at home?  How hard was that?  I know, right?  Christ.  Look at you, doing the right thing and having fun doing it… imagine that.