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Starting a New Humanure Compost Pile (video)

Starting a New Humanure Compost Pile

Watching this video makes me wish I lived outside the city with a bit more space!  The creator of this video is the founder of The Humanure Handbook, which is a classic guide on creating great compost from human manure.  If you haven’t read this, I strongly suggest checking it out even if you don’t plan on building a system.  His observations and insights are great, such as calling the human race a disease on page 1… dude’s spot on.

Humanure Soil Making (video)

Soil making machine Humanure . Anyone watching this will be flabbergasted!.MP4

Although they don’t talk about the specifics of the process, the video is cute all around.

I’m not surprised the bags they’re using aren’t breaking down so easily. They mention that they’re made of potato, but who knows what else? If you’re going to purchase a biodegradable bag for your waste and you want it to actually work the way you’re imagining, ensure that it meets U.S. Composting Council standard ASTM D6400. Otherwise, it’s just a plastic bag with a spray-on coating…in other words it never breaks down fully and was a waste of your time and extra money. “Oxo biodegradable” bags in stores are huge culprits of this, amongst others.

Back to the video! Nicely done.

Compost Toilet System (video)

Compost Toilet System

What do you think of this setup?  One day I will build my own composting toilet.  I know I keep saying it, but seriously…I will do it soon.  It’s too awesome to ignore.  I’d recommend checking out the Humanure Handbook if you’re looking to learn more…everyone that has a composting toilet will tell you about this book.