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Even More Food Scraps! Oh the Horror!

even more food scraps

Even more food scraps!

OK, I promise- last one (for now).

This photo reminds me of one of those Old Tyme Buffet places… it could almost pass as a sloppily organized buffet table shot.

But no, it’s all food that never made it to consumption…

Off to the mountain of dirt, flesh, chlorophyll and cellulose it goes, to be cooked courtesy of the thermophiles down into that critical stuff we need to grow more things to eat.

Food Scraps- Are They Really That Gross?

toter scraps 01

Today’s compost toter full of wasted food looks like a nice mix of noodles, tomatoes, chicken fingers and french fries.

Looking at photos like this (or inside compost toters in real life) normally elicits an “ewwwww” or similar.

Is it really, though?

If I put any of this on a plate in nice little portions, you’d probably eat it.

This leads to my main point: Where is the away place where stuff gets thrown?  What’s the difference between materials that are in your hand five seconds prior before they land in a plastic bag in a container labeled “trash” or otherwise?

I look at this and think, “I’m glad this is going to get turned back into fertile soil soon”.

Close the loop, and learn to embrace it.  It’s our only hope.

European storks skip migration to feast on human food waste


“Landfill sites provide abundant food resources that are reliable in both space and time, thus likely contributing to enabling individuals to remain in their breeding territory and on their nests year-round,” the team of British and Portuguese researchers explain in their study published Tuesday in the journal Movement Ecology.

Read this article.  Removing food from its proper nutrient cycle rears its ugly head again…

Pingree introduces bill to reduce food waste, create energy

(original post at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/dec/12/pingree-introduces-bill-to-reduce-food-waste-creat/ )

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – Maine U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree is calling for a comprehensive plan to reduce food waste.

The Democrat says her proposal will help farms, retailers, restaurants and schools waste less food. She says it will also divert high-quality food to food banks and turn non-edible scraps into energy or compost.

Pingree’s office says 40 percent of food produced in the country is wasted and uneaten food costs $161 billion annually.


Whenever I see a news headline about governments trying to mandate composting in some form, I get excited but I also worry what is being pitched.  Is she really worried more about wasted food instead of emissions and soil infertility?

I can’t tell if these people genuinely think that incineration (‘waste to energy’ as it’s deceptively called) is a good idea.  In this case, she may be (hopefully) referring to an indoor closed anaerobic facility where methane is properly captured and utilized on site to power the plant.

While I’m always in favor of outdoor large scale aerobic windrow setups, I have seen plenty of issues with those when they aspire to accept way too much material.

Either way, I’m noticing an upward trend in composting as a vital goal that will chip away at our climate and soil fertility issues.  It’s not a bad thing- we have to go that direction.  There’s two options:

Landfill + organics =  methane and displaced nutrients/materials

Compost facility + organics = CO2 and nutrient-rich soil

Which sounds better for the future?