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Killer Compost Bin Sighting!

compost bin sightingCheck out this killer compost bin!

I saw this in Berlin and had to take a photo.  It has an easy to open top, and a little door at the bottom to remove finished compost.

It reminds me of one of these killer compost bins…

It ticks all the boxes- plenty of capacity to handle all of your food waste and create hot compost… air vents that allow the pile to break down efficiently… it looks sturdy too!

Here’s one I found that strongly resembles it on Amazon and has some rave reviews: Redmon Compost Bin

What do you think?  Bins like this definitely make composting take the least amount of effort while creating quality compost.

Compost for Spring: Leaves, Used Coffee Grounds, & Garden Waste (Leaf Compost)

Compost for Spring: Leaves, Used Coffee Grounds, & Garden Waste (Leaf Compost)

This time around, coffee grounds and sunchoke stalks are the main ingredients paired with leaves.

Since timing isn’t critical for obtaining finished compost, the leaves are unshredded.

Leaves are one of the few ingredients that compost on their own, so whether they’re shredded or not doesn’t matter…you’ll just get much quicker results by shredding them.

I like the hoop house idea for keeping the heat in and the worms warm…great video, Patrick!

Turning The Fall/Winter Compost & the Worms are Alright!

Turning The Fall/Winter Compost & the Worms are Alright!

In this later part of the video series, he gets the Geobin to start his next round of composting.

I really liked his homemade bin, so I was surprised he shelled out some cash to get a bin.

He mentioned wanting something portable, durable, mobile, and able to hold material easier.

I think it should live up to that quite well.

He also gets excited about red wigglers, which are always a nice surprise with large compost piles.

Although he had winter temperatures well below zero, he still had red wigglers survive… resilient creatures they are!


Geobin Compost Bin Has New/Improved Locking Mechanisms

Old Style
Old Style
New Style
New Style

The Geobin compost bins now ship with a set of one-piece keys instead of plastic nuts and bolts.  Seems like a win… only downside is that it didn’t include rods to help fix the bin to the ground like the old version did.

Geobin Composting System Review (video)

Geobin Compost Bin Review

I was searching for a compost bin, and I think I’ve found it: the Geobin Compost Bin.  For those of you looking for a quick and easy solution that’s tidy and gets it done, I really think this one works.

Compost bins should be simple: it’s essentially a fence and some stakes.  It needs to be sturdy and look neat.  If neatness isn’t an issue for you, I highly suggest building your own bin out of some concrete mesh, or chicken wire, or anything really.  As long as the material is contained and you can put a tarp over it, that’s all you really need.

The Geobin fits material up to 4 feet in diameter and a good 3 feet high, which is enough to create some serious heat with a good material mixture.  For around 30 bucks I think this is a good deal.  The materials are all plastic (of course), but it all seems pretty sturdy to me.  It’ll be interesting to see how long the hardware lasts, but now I’m thinking it’s plastic so it won’t rust over.

Do you have one of these or something similar?  What do you think of it?

On a side note, Amazon has the worst packaging practices ever…can you believe this?  The box I got my bin in could have easily fit 8 of these things!  Not cool at all, Amazon.  It almost seems like it’s teasing me…the box says “rate my packaging” on it with a link to the site.  I’ll keep you posted on that one…I can’t let this one slip!

For a great deal on the Geobin, click here!