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Is Composting Endorsed Where You Live?

Today I stumbled upon the Wormcycler Municipal Program, which ties your municipality into a worm composting program by subsidizing part of the costs to get started while promoting the benefits of vermicomposting.

I wonder how effective their program has been, and if anyone in my home city of Philadelphia has actually done this.  If you haven’t noticed, I happen to like composting and want everyone to do it.

While I keep asking and pushing for curbside compost pickup in Philadelphia (which I’m told won’t happen), people can do it themselves at home, which is probably the better option anyway.  Or start a community collection point for compost…Philadelphia just opened one in my neighborhood (video/article to come shortly!).

It frustrates me to no end that composting isn’t expanding more rapidly, especially here in Philadelphia.  Our Mayor is always talking about how Philly has the goal to be the greenest city, yet we don’t have composting available to residents or really outright endorse it.  Recycling can only make up so much of our waste stream, while composting handles all our organic waste as well as all the crappy paper waste that won’t get recycled in the paper stream (think paper towels, napkins and even coffee cups).

Composting is THE no brainer process that can get anyone that much closer to the goal of zero waste.  So if your town says they don’t have the money/interest to start up a program (quite likely), then they should be promoting composting and making it front and center for residents to get started easily.  End rant (for now).