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Homemade rotary soil / compost screen

Homemade rotary soil / compost screen

I’ve been having a lot of fun finding compost sifter videos on the internet.

This one is insanely well done.  The gears are now turning in my head to make a simplified/minimized version of this…good luck to me, this is a super well-thought out design.

Behold: my new compost sifter!

Recently I was out trash picking, and I found what appeared to be an old french fry grill basket…?  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew I had to take it home.

Minutes later, I realized it would be perfect for a compost sifter.  Although the holes in the basket are about 1″, I knew I could find a smaller screen to put inside.

I didn’t even have to leave the house…my basement wall has a bunch of exposed 1/4″ chicken wire, so I knew this was the ticket.  Be careful cutting the stuff though, it’s sharp!

While it isn’t fanciest design in the world, I think it will work for sifting through small quantities of compost.