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Turning The Fall/Winter Compost & the Worms are Alright!

Turning The Fall/Winter Compost & the Worms are Alright!

In this later part of the video series, he gets the Geobin to start his next round of composting.

I really liked his homemade bin, so I was surprised he shelled out some cash to get a bin.

He mentioned wanting something portable, durable, mobile, and able to hold material easier.

I think it should live up to that quite well.

He also gets excited about red wigglers, which are always a nice surprise with large compost piles.

Although he had winter temperatures well below zero, he still had red wigglers survive… resilient creatures they are!


How To Make A Compost Bin – Timelapse

How To Make A Compost Bin – Timelapse

Here’s a pretty clean-cut video on building a three chamber compost bin.  There must be a thousand videos on how to make a compost bin, and they’re all slightly different designs.

I wouldn’t get hung up on it.  As long as you can open it up to remove the finished contents without breaking your back, you should be good to go with whatever design you choose.

Don’t worry about getting in there to turn the pile over, all that does is allow heat to escape from the active center.


Compost Bin Made of Pallets – How To

Compost bins made of pallets – How to

It’s never a bad time to build a compost bin… if you have the space and materials, a system like this will allow you to process essentially any amount of material all year round.

This setup is actually done really nicely… you don’t need the bottom pallets for a pile to work, and after doing this myself with my pile, I don’t think I’ll do it going forward.  It’s just fine digging a concave hole that would collect any excess leachate (in addition to starting your pile with a good six inches of shredded brown materials, acting as a sponge).

Cover your ears around 5 minutes… you can absolutely add ANY food.  Just be sure whenever you add your food scraps, completely cover them with ample brown materials.

What Composting System is Right for You? (video)

What Composting System is Right for You?

What composting system is right for you?  There’s 4 main methods for composting: dig a hole, compost bin, worms, compost tumbler.  They all have their pros and cons, so here we go:

Dig a hole – $0
+No maintenance
-Risk of animals/pests digging it up
-Hard to obtain any compost
-Might annoy neighbors

Compost Bin – $25+
+Cheap, easy to do it yourself for free
+Can handle large volumes
+Can thoroughly process any and all organic materials
-Unsightly?  (It’s worth it though, trust me)

Worms – $30/lb, $100+
+Works year round
+Worm castings are a great soil amendment
+Fun for educational purposes
-They need attention to ensure they’re happy
-Somewhat expensive to start

Compost Tumbler – $175+
+Secure from pests/animals
+Turning the compost is easy (although not necessary)
+Neat in appearance
-Limited capacity
-Attention to moisture/oxygen levels
-Lots of crappy models on the market



Do I Need More Than One Compost Tumbler? (video)

Do I Need More Than One Compost Tumbler?

Do I need more than one compost tumbler?  No!  You don’t even need one.  You don’t even need a dollar to compost at home.  It’s all a matter of choice.