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Why Are My Worms Trying to Escape?

Why Are My Worms Trying To Escape?

I recently got the new Worm Inn MEGA vermicomposting system and a fresh batch of worms, too!

Being the third time around, I was plenty prepared for the first few days of retaining 5 lbs of worms.

It can be tricky to keep the super tiny red wigglers from escaping if they want to…however, you can outsmart them.

The zipper on the Worm Inn leaves the tiniest little gap at the top that the most adventurous of worms may find.  All you need is a piece of tape:

After the first few days, you can remove it…it’s just the initial anxiety period for the worms that most every vermicomposter will experience.

It makes sense though… the worms are being placed in a brand new home after being shipped from large in-ground beds on a worm farm.  The conditions are totally different.  To make this evacuation event as minimal as possible, simply do the following:

1) Have your worm system set up with food scraps, wet cardboard and some shredded leaves in the bottom for up to a week before you receive your worms.  This way, the system is starting to decay in advance and the worms get right to work.  In other words, if their home is immediately appealing, they have no problems staying.

2) Hang a light over the top.  You can also add a bunch of dry bedding material near the top, which discourages worm travel since they like moist conditions.

3)  Put a piece of tape over the zipper.  Tighten the toggles all the way on the bottom of the Worm Inn system and put a piece of tape over that.  Again, after a few days of getting acclimated the tape can be removed and worms will stay put.