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Sure-Close Kitchen Composter Review

Sure-Close Kitchen Composter Review

When it comes to composting, you only need two things to make it work: A compost pile and a collection container in the kitchen.

The Sure-Close food scrap collector is by far the best container I’ve seen, and I’ve sampled a lot of kitchen containers.

For more people to catch on to composting, it has to be easy. This container is easy to clean, easy to use, and solves the problems that other containers have.

Here’s the specs:

-2 gallon/ 7 liter capacity… enough for a week’s worth of scraps

-Made of recyclable #2 HDPE plastic, manufactured in Canada

-Easily fits under the sink, in a corner, on the countertop

-The wide, angled opening makes it easy to fill and empty

-The lid stays open at 90 degrees, can be removed when emptying

-Ventilated lid prevents food scraps from fermenting and the holes are small enough that bugs/fruit flies can’t get in. The holes are tiny!

-The seal and latch are nice and tight.

When you think about it, composting comes down to just a few steps:

-Fill your food scrap container
-Carry it out to the compost pile each week
-Empty the container
-Clean it

With the Sure-Close, you can easily compost at home for less than five minutes a week with no hassles.

If you’re looking to start composting, this is a very helpful container that will meet your needs.

Ten questions with Michael Mulvaney, Ph.D.

Hey everyone, stay tuned for my upcoming interview with soil scientist Dr. Michael Mulvaney.  I will be asking him all of your burning questions about (you guessed it) dirt!

Are paper and cardboard destructive to your compost?  Is turning your compost pile really necessary?  Will food scraps high in citric acid destroy your compost pile?

All this and more coming soon.  I can’t wait to hear his replies, this guy really knows his stuff!

Setting Up a Basic Worm Composting Bin

Setting Up a Basic Worm Bin

This is a simple and informative video to get started on your own worm bin…I just found a container in the basement EXACTLY like the one in the video, it must be destiny to start a new bin! I’m definitely going to make a video series of my progress, so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, Bentley has an awesome site, I recommend you check it out…he has more info about worm composting than ANYONE else out there.

Peep it: http://www.redwormcomposting.com .

Naturemill Composter Problem (video)

Nature Mill Composter Problem

Now THIS is interesting. This woman has to be so bummed. I wonder how often this is happening…even if it’s a rarity, that would certainly sway plenty of people to spend $400 elsewhere. One other thing, why would she be asking Youtube to “please confirm”? Shouldn’t she be asking Naturemill? I hope that’s not hinting at their customer service…

My main question for Naturemill: Do you have a program to take back your machine when it’s considered waste…they have a decent warranty, it seems. It would be a nice touch if that was elaborated on. Could always use a dead kitchen composter for parts, right?

Worm Composting Introduction (video)

Worm Composting 101

This is a nicely done video showing the basics of worm composting.  Not sure why she has a clear plastic bin, worms are favorable to dark conditions.  Either way, it’s a great video showing what I think will become more popular over the next few years…the finished soil from a good worm bin is insanely good.

It reminds me of kombucha brewing too, once you start it initially, it just keeps multiplying.  It’s not a big investment, either…you can get a pound of red wigglers for between $20 and $30.  Definitely the way to go in the wintertime when you need extra help.