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Harbor Freight Leaf Shredder

It’s leaf shredding season, and if you’re looking for something to take care of wet leaves at a rapid pace, the Harbor Freight shredder looks good.

I have an electric Worx shredder, but it can’t really handle wet leaves and the blades need to be replaced quickly if you accidentally add thicker materials.

It doesn’t look like this has a problem with that…however it’s $300 and burns gas.

Shred Your Leaves!

Wow, I got really lazy over the last few months in terms of shredding leaves.

Yesterday, I saw there were some bugs flying around the top of the pile and realized it was because the last time I added fresh food to the pile, I forgot to add fresh leaves.

The leaves I re-covered the pile with were un-shredded, and so it was only a matter of time until I needed to fix it.

Not everyone has a shredder, but maybe your neighbor does?  It’s really important and makes all the difference.

By doing so, you’ll get greater coverage for your food scraps, the material size is smaller, meaning it’ll get to work quicker and lastly you’ll see much higher composting temperatures.

Further, you’ll be able to store more in your backyard throughout the year when they’re shredded.

Oh yeah- and it’ll eliminate any odors, too.

Shredding your leaves for composting…get to it and reap the benefits.  It makes everything easier.

Leaf Shredding Season!

three bags and shredder-after

The leaves are falling- I hope you’re like me and are frantically collecting them for composting.

When I got my leaf shredder, I remember reading something saying 7 bags of unshredded leaves will fit in one single bag… I don’t know about that.

Regardless, I got three relatively large bags into this one big bag.

It saves me space, and more importantly I can get my compost pile cooking.

I’ve been neglecting shredding for several months, as I wanted to compost as if I don’t own a shredder like most people.

My pile has shown this change, as it has only been cooking in the 90F – 110F range instead of the usual 130F+.

Another cool benefit to shredding is that when you add a layer to the compost pile, you can easily spot twigs and sticks that you’d otherwise miss from dumping in a bag of unshredded leaves.

My next post will focus on whether or not my pile jumps in temperature the way I’ve predicted…stay tuned.

I love the fall…tis the season for composting!

Pedal Power Mulcher

They should mass produce this with a larger intake and a finer final cut size.

Pieces of wood this big would be considered “wood chips” and would not compost easily if at all… they’d take forever.  However, it makes a nice mulch.

If you could turn contents into something more resembling sawdust, now we’re talking… and you’d probably get an even harder workout too.

The Importance of Covering Food Scraps


bin temp 1
When I went out to the compost pile this past weekend, I noticed that I needed more cover material… how?

It just started getting warmer out, and I noticed that the top of my pile had a lot of bugs flying around… when a pile is covered properly, this won’t happen.

I had been uncovering/depositing without adding new brown material, and since I got lazy this is what happened.

You can see halfway above the compost thermometer that there’s a section of greenish material/hay and then a solid blanket of leaves on top.

I get so happy when I shred a bag of leaves…it gives me several inches of fresh cover, which looks like this:

fresh cover

You’re looking at the solution to most composting issues.

Ample (shredded & dampened) leaf cover on top will:

-Negate any odors
-Kickstart your pile by providing enough carbon for your food scraps
-Insulate the pile (especially in winter, of course)
-Avoid attracting pests, neighbors or pesty neighbors

When making weekly food scrap deposits, dig a hole in the center by pulling back the cover material, dump and cover it up.

Have fun!

Introducing the Black and Decker Leaf Hog!

Every once in a while I get an urge to pick up a new toy, so recently I snagged the Black & Decker Leaf Hog.  It was long overdue for me to acquire a tool to further shred up my leaves for the compost pile…what a difference!  Before that, I was merely ripping up leaves by hand…definitely not feasible.

While I would never consider to use its primary function as a leaf blower, its vacuuming/shredding ability is awesome.  I was surprised how ergonomic and quiet this thing was during operation.  The vacuum bag snaps on and off easily with one hand, and it can hold a fair bit of stuff.  While one run over a leaf pile will tear them up nicely, I found that it works better to empty the bag out on the ground and suck them up a second time…what results is nice, anti-clumping leaves for your compost pile.

I don’t really have much else to say about it, other than I might make a video to show it off.  It’s just one of those tools that makes you feel more complete in some shallow way, kind of like on the TV show Home Improvement when Tim the Toolman would get fired up revving a weedwhacker.  “More power!”  Then again, other than this all I have is a power drill and a bass amp, so it doesn’t take much to get me excited.

Nonetheless, this is a badass tool that has my approval for ease of use.  Two dirty thumbs up.