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The Right Ingredients For a Chicken Compost

I love watching the steam come off his pile while he turns it…funny how he thinks it’s too hot- it isn’t.

Watching him turn the pile makes my back hurt!

Interesting observation about straw and hay being difficult for his chickens to rummage through.  I’d still take those materials over wood chips, but I’ve seen wood chips work a few times, even in videos I just previously posted.

I’m long overdue for some sawdust dumpster diving… time to make a video?  🙂

Not So Hot Compost

Not So Hot Compost

The reasons for the pile not working are easily solvable.

First: the pile is predominantly manure.  A working pile needs to have three times as much carbon as nitrogen.  He mentions activators, but in this situation they won’t help at all.

He needs shredded leaves as his browns.  I can’t tell if there’s any food scraps in there, added to the center and covered with a fresh layer of browns (shredded leaves).

Second, the pile is super dense and airflow is limited.  He needs browns.

Third, there is no reason at all to turn the pile, ever.  By doing so, the heat from the center is randomly redistributed, making the pile (the thermophilic critters) lose momentum.  Do less, reap the results.

Advanced Aerobic Composting

Advanced Aerobic Composting

Lucky Rick!  He managed to rake up leaves that are already a relatively smaller size…no need to shred!

He’s also got a killer blend of several types of manures, so right there with those two ingredients, technically he doesn’t need anything else.  Both manure and leaves will naturally break down on their own, so just by combining them he’s got himself one heck of a great soil coming.