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No Impact Man Vermicomposting

I just saw No Impact Man for the first time- can I get a late pass?

If you haven’t checked out this documentary it was actually pretty good.  Of course, I had serious doubts up front as I’ve gone through the peaks and troughs of studying environmental issues my whole life… but the family did a great job.

He called out recycling as not being a reliable solution, or where someone should think their responsibilities end.  All in all, he knew what he was talking about and he definitely put me in check, which felt great.

I was excited to see if he would implement a compost toilet system, or more predictably a worm bin since he lives in a NYC apartment.

He went with the latter, and it looks like it worked out for the most part.

In one scene later in the movie, he focuses on how there’s tons of bugs flying around… yep- this can happen!  While he didn’t provide any solution in the movie, I’m curious if he tried a vinegar & dish soap trap.

I’m surprised that he would get a bunch of flack for doing it… I see it as insecurities of everyone watching that now realizes they aren’t doing much to turn our issues around.

I challenge you to take one element from this movie and give it a shot… I’m going to try the pot-in-a-pot refrigerator.  I’ve heard about these in the past, but now I want to make it happen.

Also, I need to make my laundry detergent recipe better…more essential oils maybe?

My cooking skills suck, too… I can do better.  We can all do better.