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What Are These Bugs in My Kitchen Compost Bin? (video)

What Are These Bugs in My Kitchen Compost Bin?

Kitchen compost crocks aren’t my favorite tool when it comes to composting, but they are fun to ignore. For the last several months, I decided to fill it up and not empty it since it’s colder out (less bugs) and it won’t smell as bad.

I opened it up today, and it was nothing but sludge in the bottom and gobs of compost mites around the lid.

These are a common inhabitant of worm bins, but they don’t really pose a threat to your system. In fact, they’re a bit of a help since they indicate that your compost is unbalanced. Most likely your compost is too moist, and that’s what these critters like being around.

The solution? Add a bunch of dry browns to balance it out. The compost will smell less (better), and there might be less of those compost mites…but really, who cares? They’re part of decomposition.

Norpro Compost Keeper vs. SF Home Compost Pail

So I’m hanging out at my friend’s house in San Francisco, and I start looking in his kitchen for his compost container.  I noticed it wasn’t anything like my host’s can that lives on the other side of town…interesting.

This container highly resembles the Norpro compost keeper other than the fact that it’s plastic instead of stainless steel.  The top, although my dumb self didn’t photograph it, is thoroughly perforated…so I decided to ask him if he’s had any issues with it resembling the Norpro complaints.

He said that he needs to empty it weekly, or it starts to get funky…sounds familiar!  You may remember my review of the Norpro in which I deliberately left food in it for over a week…and here’s how the inside of the lid/charcoal filter looked:

Woohoo, bugs everywhere.  It took me over a week to get the kitchen free of flies.  I asked him if he had any similar issues…none to report.  Sounds like a responsible composter to me!  The holes on the top of the SF pail are also way smaller…but there’s no charcoal filter.  Why the holes to begin with?  I don’t see the point.

Conclusion?  San Francisco pail is way better.  It’s uglier, but it’s still better.  For maximum pleasure in non-composting cities, go with a simple tupperware container (preferably clear so you can watch the contents get funky) that has an “air tight” lid.  And that’s that.

Happy composting!