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How to Compost in Small Spaces Using a Trash Can

One of the major factors keeping people from composting is a perceived lack of space.

I decided to create a simple trash can composter system to see how effective it is.

For just $20 and 15 minutes to drill the holes, I have a composting system that is equal in capacity to a pricey compost tumbler.

As long as you drill enough holes and pay attention to moisture levels, this composting method should work for people that only have a small yard, alleyway or perhaps a balcony to work with.

I’ll have more updates on this in the coming months…let me predict the future: it works!


Toter Trash Can Continuous Flow Compost Bin Review

Toter Trash Can Continuous Flow Compost Bin Review

The toter can idea is pretty decent, but with a few adjustments this could work even better.

First, the capacity isn’t there… this is why he’s only hitting 90 degrees.  Although I don’t know how many days it’s been since he added materials, I can say that it won’t get too much hotter than where it is.

This is due to not enough volume and not enough airflow.

Toter should reduce the size of the collection chamber on the bottom and aerate the side panels.  If this could have over 55 gallons of capacity up top, I would recommend it.