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Swag Industries: The Swag Worm Farm


I was just turned on to this earlier today…look familiar?

The only differences I see between this and the Worm Inn are the design of the top ( the Swag has a velcro enclosure, the Inn a zipper) and also the stand.  The stand they use here looks super sturdy…might cost more to ship?  Not sure.

This also looks like it may be a bigger capacity than the standard Worm Inn… anyone have one of these?

The Advanced Vermicomposting Facility VERMIC3.2 HD

The advanced vermi composting facility VERMIC 3.2 HD

In Austria, it looks like vermicomposting is picking up momentum!  It’s strange to me though, because they use earthworms instead of red wigglers.

The thermophilic compost is created from alfalfa, manure and straw before being fed to the earthworms to turn into a super fine casting.

Alfred Grand appears to be a pretty stoic dude, doesn’t he?