Composting: The Keys to Great Composting review

Composting: The Keys to Great Composting

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and of course that means I’ve been reading more books on waste and composting. I recently downloaded this how-to book entitled Composting: The Keys to Great Composting. Does it deliver the goods? I’m not so sure.

This ebook is decent, and it contains a large variety of chapters covering everything from composting recipes to determining what composting setup is best for you.

The tips and information in the book are pretty spot on, but are delivered rather redundantly and with poor grammar…I don’t think the author has English as their primary language.

I’m pretty sensitive to repetition and I like to write in a concise manner…so this book is rather frustrating. The book is 40 pages, but it could easily be written in 20.

If you’re completely new to composting, you can benefit from reading this at the cost of becoming rather bored…so I’ll have to pass on recommending this one. My favorite book has always been Stu Campbell’s Let it Rot!: The Gardener’s Guide to Composting by a long shot.

However, if you like to learn while you drive, this comes with a bonus audio version that is way better than reading the ebook, so that may be worth checking out.

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