Geobin Compost Bin Review

geobin compost bin

I was searching for an affordable/solid compost bin, and I’ve happily settled on the Geobin Compost Bin.

For those of you looking for a cheap and quick composting solution that’s tidy and gets it done, this one really works well.

I’ve been composting for over ten years now, and I’ve tried all the different methods, including using worms, a compost tumbler, a bin, composting on the balcony, in the basement, indoors and outdoors.

The compost bin as the best tool due to cost, efficiency and minimal attention required for obtaining top quality compost.

It has air holes from top to bottom, which will keep air circulating to prevent your pile from becoming a saturated, stinking mess- I always cringe when I see composting products that forget to include adequate ventilation- it’s critical!

The Geobin is adjustable up to 4′ in diameter, which allows it to have the capacity to sustain an ongoing hot compost pile that creates excellent compost and takes up very little of your time- I finish all my composting in under ten minutes a week.

The Geobin is sturdy and versatile, and on top of that, it’s surprisingly cheap.  Whether you’re new to composting or you’ve had a bad experience using inadequate composting equipment, the Geobin will definitely get you where you need to be.

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