Sure-Close Kitchen Composter Review

To compost successfully, you need two things: A compost pile and a container for your food scraps.

The Sure-Close food scrap container is the most practical container for a number of key reasons:

-Rinse it out in seconds
-Generous capacity holds a week’s worth of food scraps
-Secure lid will not open if container is dropped
-Wide angle opening allows easy filling and emptying
-Aerated lid prevents food from becoming moldy or attracting pests
-Made of durable, recyclable plastic

Composting boils down to just three simple steps:

-Fill your food scrap container
-Empty it into the compost pile each week
-Rinse it out

That’s it!  In five minutes a week, you’re cutting your waste in half, and creating a powerful soil enhancer right in your backyard.

With the right tools, composting is second nature.

The Sure-Close puts you one step closer to composting excellence, and for just over ten bucks, you can’t go wrong with it.

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And now you may be wondering, “what compost bin works best?”

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2 thoughts on “Sure-Close Kitchen Composter Review”

  1. I want to know it it can be attached to the inside of the kitchen cabinet, does it come with the attachment?
    No site I have been to even addresses this question

    1. This one does not… however, I think a standard hook with an over-the-door design could make do.

      The YukChuk is a decent food scrap collector that is specifically designed for hanging on the back of a cabinet door and comes with mounting hardware, too.

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